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I’ve got one of these Brugnetti Giulietta’s at home and do believe it is the best bang for buck machine available here in little Adelaide. Why? The list is long. But here are some of the stand out reasons why I love this machine. It’s built like the proverbial brick out house! It has a rotary pump, producing the best crema for a single group head. It’s got lots of room to fit your big old mug under the portafilter. So if you’re like me and prefer your coffee in a mug, this is important. You can hard plumb it… or not! It’s all copper and brass for the water tank and piping. And in Adelaide; that’s the best option, given our hard water.

E61 group head, allows you to gently fill the portafilter with water before engaging the pump. You can’t do this without a lever. It’s not over engineered, so it doesn’t have lots of expensive bells and whistles. The group head heats amazingly fast! You have colour options, not many, but options. If you’re like me All stainless is too sterile for my decor, so I’ve got the black sides and stainless interior. All stainless undercarriage; might not mean much to you, but when I see the mild steel competition that needs to be removed and spray painted to stop the rusting, then yeah, it matters.

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