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History of Elektra Coffee Machines

The company was founded in Treviso, a place where the tradition of craftsmanship has been perfectly integrated with the more recent fabric of high-tech companies.
Elektra has sought to interpret this fascinating balance, applying it day-by-day to the production of coffee machines.
Elektra’s constant technological evolution is shown by the numerous historical and essential international patents filed over the years, such as the first espresso machine with an automatic hydraulic unit created in 1950. Or the seal-free water level regulator designed as early as 1960, the automatic dispensing unit with solenoid valve created in 1968, and the electronic 5-dose dispensing control designed and used as a world first in 1978. The first fully automatic machine in 1984. For Elektra, innovation is not only technical, but also aesthetic: so, in 1997, on the company’s 50th anniversary, the Barlume was presented, the first machine that combined the charm of retro style with the most advanced technologies. Finally, 2009 saw the presentation of a machine destined to make history with its bold design and cutting-edge technology: Aletta is the world’s first machine with an automatic chlorine and limescale water purification system.
Elektra espresso machines are built according to the original principles of simplicity, efficiency, and attention to design. They are manufactured according to an industrialised craft process. In Elektra, the human factor is irreplaceable. But the real secret lies in the experience and passion of our staff: specialised technicians who analyse brewing complexes and pressure boilers, juggling copper coils in an orderly and quiet environment, pervaded by the scent of coffee emanating from the machines being tested.
Before being delivered, each espresso machine is tested continuously for 48 hours. In addition to being checked in its final assembly, each of its parts is also carefully examined and screened, not least because more than 80% of the components are made in-house.
For example, for the Belle Epoque line there is a single manager who is responsible for supervising all the machines one by one at every stage of production to ensure their undisputed perfection and on-time delivery.
For all models, we take meticulous care over every detail, from production to packaging, which is also done painstakingly by hand to achieve the best possible transport conditions.
Given the long-life cycle of this product and its function as a piece of interior décor, its design is particularly important. This aspect, which is well known in the company, has often been the key to the success of the various models, both in the ”classic” and ”modern” versions.

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