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History of Isomac Coffee Machines

Since 1977 Isomac® plans and manufactures high quality espresso coffee machines, addressed to the market’s premium area.
It was founded by Giovanni Fontana who developed a big experience in Faema as production chief during the sixties, working alongside of Mr Carlo Ernesto Valente, La Faema founder.
Isomac® is an Italian company of long tradition and excellent products, devoted to coffee lovers.
Isomac® is operating in the international markets through specialised distributors in espresso coffee machines who grant a quick and professional after sales service.
Isomac® human resources are devoted to a careful engineering design, to the use of precious materials such as stainless steel, copper, and brass, to a quality control at the component’s acceptance.
The assembly and testing of each product is carried out by expert craftsmen. Spare parts service is efficient and fast. The constant commitment to research is widely recognised by customers to Isomac especially for the unique design that transmit solidity and concreteness.
Isomac® espresso coffee machines provide unique performance regarding thermal stability and coffee extraction thanks to the technical characteristics and quality of components used.
The full range of products for both professional and domestic use meets all customer’s needs.
Isomac®, since 1977 espresso coffee and cappuccino machines

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Isomac Pro 6.1 Coffee Machine
Isomac PRO 6.1 Coffee Machine
Isomac Pro Dual Boiler PID Coffee Machine
Isomac PRO Dual Boiler PID Coffee Machine
Isomac Tea Due Coffee Machine
Isomac Tea DUE Coffee Machine
Isomac Zaffiro Due Coffee Machine
Isomac Zaffiro DUE Coffee Machine

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