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History of Caffe Izzo

Always passionate about coffee:
Passion, love, and determination, from 1979 to today, have allowed us to create a unique espresso of its kind: our coffee is velvety, sweet, and fruity, a “chocolate” that can be recognized and appreciated even without sugar. A unique blend, the result of a perfect extraction by our lever machines designed to prepare the unmistakable Izzo espresso.
The IZZO company is born:
In Boscoreale (NA) Vincenzo Izzo founds a small artisan roasting company aimed at the production of the True Neapolitan Espresso.
The first world fairs:
After years of hard work, Izzo coffee begins to be recognized worldwide. It is from this year on that our active presence begins in the main international trade fairs of the sector.
Our first coffee machines:
To guarantee our customers impeccable quality, we have been manufacturers of traditional automatic and semi-automatic machines since 1994.
Beyond functionality:
Technological research is accompanied by attention to aesthetics and refinement in finishes. This year our unmistakable Capri machine was born, with cherry wood and gold finishes.
Traditional lever machines and the PID system:
After the introduction of our first coffee machines, in 1997 we started our production of lever machines that are added to the range of Made in Italy products made in our company. Among our flagships, the PID system that guarantees control and precision of the boiler temperature management.
The introduction of pressurized cans:
The cans marketed by Izzo Caffè use pressurization for the first time: the preservation system in which the air in the can is replaced by an inert gas at a pressure higher than the atmospheric one. In this way the coffee obtains body, roundness, and intensity, while its fragrance lasts over time.
The expansion on the national territory:
The strong entrepreneurial impulse, supported and supported by the commitment of an extremely qualified team of collaborators, leads to the opening of the first Izzo franchised restaurant.
The Izzo Academy is born:
From the desire to promote and spread the culture of Espresso Izzo around the world, our centre of excellence is born, offering opportunities for training, and updating on the best coffee extraction techniques.
The new headquarters of the Izzo Group:
The rapid development of the company and a consolidation of its presence, both on the national and foreign market, have prompted us to open a new plant in Anagni, in the province of Frosinone.
The spread of Izzo pods and capsules:
With the new, faster, and more automatic extraction methods, capsules and pods are produced exclusively in our headquarters to guarantee the quality and sensation of true and traditional Neapolitan coffee even in single-portioned products.
The Espresso Family project in the world:
It is in 2021 that Izzo aims to offer all the professionalism of coffee taken at the bar, directly at home: this is how the Espresso Family project, a line of professional domestic machines, is spread.

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Izzo Alex PID Coffee Machine
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