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History of Wega

Mr Nelo Dell Tio founds the Astoria CMA group, heir to a historical brand in the Italian tradition of espresso coffee machines.

Establishment of the Wega Machine per Caffe division.

Inauguration of the company headquarters in Susegana (Treviso), currently the largest single factory in the world that produces traditional espresso coffee machines.

Launch of our Green Line, revolutionary line of energy saving-espresso coffee machines.

Wega Machine per Caffe is bought by Italian holding company Ryoma di Milano, with the goal of reinforcing its international position and increasing investment in research and development.

Wega confirms its association with the world of sport as official supplier to the 2013 Trentino Fiemme Nordic Skiing World Championships. Wega is the official partner of team Cannondale Pro Cycling for the 96 Giro dítalia.

Sphera supports Emilio Tufano, winner of the EIC selection held by WEGA, at the London Finals and it’s also among the official espresso machines in the Finals in the Espresso Italiano Championship.
The 97th edition of the ‘Çora Rosa’ reconfirms the partnership with the Cannondale team.
The real coffee experience is a matter of style: Wega launches the new company Image focusing on the WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF WEGA concept.
During the week of Women Fashion in Milan, Wega participated as a partner at the opening event: Good Food in Fashion which celebrates the synergy between high quality fashion, culture and entrepreneurship.

Wega inaugural il suo nuovo corporate concept a Host: strong and tough! Wega ospita la finalissima dell’Espresso Italian Champion sul proprio stand a Host registrando un boom di presenze!
Wega shines brightly in an episode of the famous T.V. programme ‘How is it Made’. Step by step the television crew documented the way in which a ‘Made in Italy’ espresso machine in born.
Wega launches the new IO machine through the #/ColourYourCoffee campaign and with an advertising spot based on the concept of live painting.
Wega announces its partnership with Chef Carlo Cracco who chose the machines belonging to the Italian brands as a trusty ally for his multi-starred restaurants.
Wega is the official sponsor of the third edition of Espresso Italian Champion.
Wega creates the now renowned series of ‘How to…’ tutorials on how to get to know all the incredible features of My Concept.
Wega has now landed on Pinterest as well!

Wega Presents the new NEXA model.

Wega launches two new models on the market: AIRY and NOVA.

Wega Logo
Wega Mini Nova Classic Coffee Machine
Wega Mini Nova Classic – Tank and Plumbed
Wega Mini Nova Classic 2 Group Coffee Machine
Wega Mini Nova Classic 2 Group Compact

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