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Bezzera BZ10 (Tank) Coffee Machine

The baby of the Bezzera range. The Bezzera BZ10 is a thoughtfully designed heat exchanger that makes a big splash in the espresso market, despite its small footprint. Ideal for places where space is at a premium.

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Bezzera BZ10 head is heated by 2 small electrical heating elements controlled by a thermostat to maintain a constant temperature.  So even without connections to water supply net it can be installed anywhere, thus making it more practical and economical. Now, cappuccinos, coffee and tea can be produced for a large community. Thanks to a boiler system with heat exchanger and the practical groups heating system!

The namesake of the machine, the BZ10 group head is a specialized and electrically heated group head, designed for maximum temperature stability. The group head is heated by two dedicated heating elements and controlled by a thermostat. The dual elements help to provide even heating to the group head to aid in maintaining temperature stability.

A heat-exchanger boiler has an internal chamber that houses the brew water, while the steam is cordoned to the surrounding chamber, preventing them from coming into contact. This design pre-heats the brew water and allows for simultaneous brewing and constant steaming. It’s capable of steaming 600 ml worth of milk in one session, with a 40 second recovery time.

The BZ10 allows you to toggle on steam or hot water immediately rather than turning open a valve. Both wands swivel 360° in any direction for added functionality. The steam wand toggle can be pressed down for manual steaming, or pressed up into its lock position, while the manual wand has manual operation only.


Bezzera BZ10 Specifications

Power: 240 V 50-60Hz
Element: 1418
Boiler: 1.5 L
Group head: Bezzera Proprietary
Water Supply: 3 L Tank
Tank Water Level Control: In-built auto cut-out and optical indicator
Boiler Construction: Heavy Duty Copper
Head Heating: Electric Element
Handles: Single and double
Accessories: Blind basket, Measuring spoon, Group brush
Weight: 19 Kgs
Width: 250 mm
Depth: 425 mm
Height: 375 mm

Bezzera Domus Galatea Coffee Machine
Bezzera Domus Galatea Coffee Machine

$2,950.00 Inc. GST

Bezzera Mitica TOP PID Coffee Machine
Bezzera Mitica TOP PID Coffee Machine

$3,595.00 Inc. GST

Bezzera Strega Coffee Machine
Bezzera Strega Coffee Machine

$3,600.00 Inc. GST

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