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ECM Mechkanika Slim Coffee Machine

The Mechanika Slim is a latest addition from the ECM house, replacing the original Mechanika model. A stunning Heat Exchange with an E61 group head and the smallest footprint to fit on the most limited kitchen benches.

Pricing is currently a little unpredictable. If you are interested in this product, please get in touch and we can provide a current price.

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The ECM Mechanika Slim is the true home Barista’a coffee machine.

Built to save on space without sacrificing performance, the Mechanika Slim is significantly narrower than its predecessor. Other updates include high quality steel legs and the etching of ECM into the steam and water valves.

Renowned for its contributions to maintaining temperature stability in professional grade espresso machines, the E61 is constantly heated with water from the thermosyphon system. Unique to ECM’s E61 machines, the redesigned top bolt adds an extra touch of elegance to the aesthetics.

Accessible from the top of the machine, the OPV can be used to adjust brew pressure by diverting water away from the group. Located just beneath the reservoir lid, the valve can be adjusted in conjunction with the brew pressure gauge, making it easier than ever to make quick changes while brewing.

The Mechanika Slim has received a few updates under the hood as well. The heat exchange boiler has been upgraded from copper to stainless steel with a slightly increased 2.2 L capacity. The vertical orientation has allowed ECM to save a significant amount of space inside the machine.

A hallmark of ECM’s espresso machines are their ergonomic portafilters. The weighted end offsets the weight of the basket, keeping you from having to overcompensate with your wrist. On par with commercial grade machines, the portafilters are made of chrome-plated brass for increased temperature stability.


ECM Mechkanika Slim Specifications

Group Heads: 1
Brew Group: E61 – Solid chrome-plated ECM Patented Brewing Group
Boiler:  Vibrational 2.2 Litre Stainless Steel
Boiler Type: Heat Exchanger (HX)
Water Supply: 2.8 L
Pressure Gauges: 1 Boiler, 1 Pump
Pump: Vibrational
Coffee Switch: Lever
Wattage: 1400 W
Power: 240 V
Width: 250 mm
Depth: 445 mm
Height: 395 mm
Weight: 20.2 kg

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