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Elektra MS Coffee Grinder

Professional coffee grinder which can reach perfect ground coffee results—an inseparable part of every professional coffee machine.


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Compact Elektra coffee grinder “MS” is exactly that—an inseparable match for your professional coffee machine. Made from copper, brass, and strong glass, this coffee grinder is exceptionally durable. Steel mills and low rpm engine guarantees the highest quality result. The doser automatically dispenses required amount of ground coffee.



Type: Grinders
Height: 380 mm
Depth: 260 mm
Base Diameter: 180 mm
Weight: 8 Kg
Colour: Copper
Manufacturer: Elektra

Elektra MSC Coffee Grinder
Elektra MSC Coffee Grinder

$1,340.00 Inc. GST

Isomac Macinino Profinox Coffee Grinder
Isomac Professionale Coffee Grinder

$363.00 Inc. GST

Lelit Fred PL044MMT Coffee Grinder
Lelit Fred PL044MMT Coffee Grinder

$509.00 Inc. GST

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