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Elektra Micro Casa Semiautomatic SX/SXC Brass or Chrome Coffee Machine

A real professional espresso machine that has the merit of enclosing in ancient forms the current construction technology, to meet the needs of practicality of those who use it.

Pricing is currently a little unpredictable. If you are interested in this product, please get in touch and we can provide a current price.

Elektra Logo

Elektra is synonymous with precision and utter sophistication. It is the peak of luxury, the creme de la creme of espresso machines.  The Elektra Micro Casa with its badge hand painted at the Ferrari garage has been designed for the person who wants something vastly different in their home or office.

This machine comes in a full chrome body with Bakelite handle on the portafilter. Its unique heat exchanger system allows the water to reach the exact espresso temperature so you can get the most flavour out of your drink. The durable brass boiler provides very dry steam for perfect milk frothing and the steam wand is extended so it stands further away from the boiler.

The professional group with continuous delivery is made of brass and the brass boiler is equipped with a heat exchanger.

Elektra Micro Casa Semiautomatic SX/SXC Brass Specifications

Group No: 1 Group
Voltage: 240
Power: 800 W
Boiler: 1.9 L
Width: 284 mm
Depth: 257 mm
Height: 586 mm
Weight: 11.4 Kg

Elektra MS Coffee Grinder
Elektra MS Coffee Grinder

$1,340.00 Inc. GST

Elektra Micro Casa Leva Copper and Brass Coffee Machine
Elektra Micro Casa Leva Copper/Brass/Chrome Coffee Machine

$2,250.27 Inc. GST

Elektra Mini Verticle Coffee Machine Copper and Brass
Elektra Mini Vertical Coffee Machine

$3,240.27 Inc. GST

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