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Gaggia Accademia Coffee Machine

The Gaggia Accademia one-touch espresso machine produces barista quality coffee right at home. It’s a machine fit for home and offices and its user-friendly display offers customised settings with the touch of a button. This machine features a stylish design and is made in Italy.

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The Gaggia Accademia has seven fully programmable drink options to deliver tailor-made espresso drinks for days. Beverage temperature, strength, and volume can be preset to your specifications. The same goes for milk selections, which allow you to choose from minimal, normal, or no froth options. Its double boiler prepares brew and froths milk simultaneously.

Gaggia’s unique pre-brewing cycle infuses coffee grounds with hot water to help extract the best possible flavour and aroma from the espresso. The Accademia’s flow adjustment dial offers even greater control over the extraction, allowing you to adjust during brewing to ensure the best possible pull and a rich layer of crema.

An external milk circuit ensures that milk does not enter the machine and the detachable carafe can be stored in the fridge for your convenience. An automatic cleaning cycle rinses the milk circuit after each use, to ensure that it is free of clogs and contaminants. A steam wand is included as well, should you wish to froth manually.

The Gaggia Accademia has an alert system that will notify you if the dregs drawer or drip tray need to be emptied, if the bean hopper needs to be refilled, or when it’s time to descale. Additionally, the removable brew group, Brita and Mavea Intenza water filter compatibility make keeping the Accademia in tip top shape simple.


Power Supply: 1500 W
Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Water pump pressure: 15 bar
Water tank capacity: 1.6 Litres
Coffee bean capacity: 350 grams
Milk carafe capacity: 0.6 Litres
Dump box capacity: 16 servings
Power saving ability: automatic stand-by
Colour and Design: black and stainless steel
Boiler material: Stainless steel
Width: 385 mm
Depth: 282 mm
Height: 428 mm
Weight: 17 Kg

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