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La Pavoni Leva Europiccola Coffee Machine

In 1905, La Pavoni set a standard for quality and style in espresso machines that has remained its trademark into the next century. Matching unique old-world beauty with the highest quality parts available originally made them famous, and La Pavoni customers still enjoy these benefits to this day. With a La Pavoni Leva Europiccola espresso maker, you enjoy world class espresso, just as it was when it was born.

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Characterized as the classic lever machine, La Pavoni have been leading the way in the expertise at providing incredible craftsmanship for over 100 years. Lifting the lever raises a piston inside the group, allowing water under pressure to infuse the coffee in the filter holder. The lever is then lowered, causing the piston to force the water through the coffee into the cup. The user therefore can vary the speed at which the water passes through the coffee, enabling a level of control not possible on an electric pump machine.


  • Number of cups of espresso brewed: 8.
  • Steam delivery: 10 min.
  • Boiler pressure: 0.7-0.8 bar.
  • Average heating time: 5 min.
  • Steam tap with interchangeable device steam pipe / Cappuccino Automatic.
  • Water level indicator.
  • On/off switch.
  • Indicator light.
  • Cappuccino Automatic.
  • Control pilot temperature.
  • Manual reset safety thermostat.
  • Pressure stat to keep a constant pressure in the boiler.
  • Safety valve.
  • Made In Italy.


Boiler: 0.80 L
Power: 950 W
Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz – 120V 60Hz
Width: 200 mm
Depth: 290 mm
Height: 320 mm
Weight: 5.5 Kg

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