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Mazzer Mini Manual Coffee Grinder

The Mazzer Mini is a commercial quality, manual grinder with a high-performance motor, adjustable doser, 58mm burrs, and infinite grind setting adjustment. Its short hopper and timed operation make it a perfect companion piece to any home barista’s set up.

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The Mazzer Mini is compactly designed with small spaces in mind. Limited counter space should never decide the quality of your grind, and, by extension, your espresso. It’s surprisingly quiet, high-performance motor won’t get bogged down from high use in a cafe setting, but the short hopper is specially crafted for home. We find the Mazzer impressive and simple to use with its single electronic control being a timer dial that can be twisted to grind up to sixty seconds worth of espresso. The grounds are deposited into the doser, which can be adjusted to dispense anywhere from 5.5 to 9 grams into the portafilter with a pull of the dosing lever. Those grounds can then be easily tamped with the doser’s built-in tamper. Both the doser and its built-in tamper are designed with high-speed scenarios in mind, where you want to be able to quickly grind and tamp for several drinks in a row. We think it would be excellent in an entertainer’s home.

The Mazzer Mini’s 58mm stainless steel burrs are stepless, meaning they can essentially be adjusted infinitely by turning the collar in small amounts. Now, the Mini can produce coarse or fine grinds, though, in the case of stepless grinders, we recommend committing to espresso or other fine grinds to avoid serious dialing in before every use. The burrs are easy to access for cleaning, and calibrating them afterward is simple, too.

It is manufactured in White, Black, Dark Grey, Silver, Light Red, Dark Red, and Polished Aluminum.



Power: 250 W
Blades: Flat Ø 58 mm
Blade Revolutions: 1400 r.p.m. (50 Hz) 1600 r.p.m. (60 Hz)
Hopper Capacity: 0.6 Kg
Dose adjustment: 5, 5-8
Width: 168 mm
Height: 470 mm
Depth: 340 mm
Weight: 10.2 Kg

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