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Lelit Fred PL044MMT Coffee Grinder

Lelit PL044MMT stands out for its high performances and its reduced dimension, perfect for every space requirement.

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The Lelit Fred is a marvelous choice for the home user looking for and affordable unit that offer many features usually only found in higher-end espresso grinders. This Model provides a consistent grind of excellent quality in compact dimensions for every space demand.


Micro-metric stepless grinding adjustmentallows you to twist the knob to fine tune your grind for the perfect espresso grind.

Hardened steel conical grinding burrs – This grinder is equipped with 38 mm hardened steel conical grinding burrs spinning at a low rpm. Conical burrs are known to create a high quality, consistent grind while minimizing heat production so as not to affect the final aroma of the roast.

Semi-automatic grinding operation – push your portafilter against the grinding button above the fork to start grinding. Press and hold for continuous grinding, and release to stop.

Removable tinted bean hopper – The PL044MMT has a removable 8.8-ounce plastic bean hopper that is tinted to decrease the amount of light that the beans are exposed to in order to preserve their integrity.

Lelit tests every grinder with coffee beans before it leaves their facility, but they are not always able to get every trace of coffee out of the grinders after testing. As a result, you may find coffee beans or grinds inside your grinder, or there may be grinds in the packaging when you unwrap it.


Brand: Lelit
Model Number: PL044MMT
Width: 220 mm
Depth: 130 mm
Height: 330 mm
Weight: 3 Kg
Capacity: 0.25 Kg
Power: 200 W
Voltage: 240 V
Material: Stainless Steal

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