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Profitec Pro M54 Coffee Grinder

The Profitec M54 is a sleek and polished steel burr grinder with phenomenal performance and accuracy suitable for any home user. It is a powerful on-demand grinder with stainless steel burrs (54 mm) and manual grinding function. Eight grams of fresh coffee can be grinded into your portafilter in just ten seconds. Due to its minimalist and compact design, the Pro M54, fits perfectly in today’s small and modern kitchen.

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One of the first features you’ll notice about this grinder is its small footprint. The Profitec Pro M54 grinder is a space-saver for any home barista who doesn’t have tons of counter space, but also doesn’t want to sacrifice on the quality of their grinder. It’s compact and gets the job done, quickly, quietly and efficiently compared to other grinders in its class.

The adjustment wheel sits just under the hopper, which holds right around half a pound of fresh coffee beans. The ergonomic adjustment wheel is a great addition on Profitec’s part, users can easily adjust the grind size turning clockwise if they need a coarser grind, or counterclockwise for a finer grind size. The M54’s grind adjustment wheel locks into place to set your grind setting for incredibly accurate consistency.

After grinding for a single or double shot, cleaning up excess grounds is a breeze; the grinding chute is specially designed to direct grounds straight into your portafilter, leaving little to no room for inaccurate dosing or a messy counter. To prevent clogging in the grinding chute, Profitec designed a removable spout on the M54 grinder so that home users can easily clean the inside of their grinder and piece things back together, all without an engineering degree.

The M54’s manual function allows users to dose their desired weight, and the ergonomic adjustment wheel makes it convenient to adjust your grind size whenever you’re feeling for a French press or a traditional espresso.

The M54’s 54mm burrs feature razor-sharp edges to chop through every bean into your desired grind size. Burrs are uniquely designed to minimize heat transfer, so you won’t lose any flavor or aroma in your coffee, and to deliver a consistent grind size for a balanced cup of coffee or espresso.

The sleek and minimalist design is the cherry on top of the M54 grinder. The mirror-finish exterior adds a high-end aesthetic to a grinder that offers plenty of features seen on more expensive grinders on the market.

The Profitec Pro M54 is recommended for home baristas who are looking for a grinder with incredible performance for the value, a high-end design, innovative features, and impressive user ability.

The ergonomic adjustment wheel makes it easy and convenient to adjust your grind setting from coarse to fine, and lock in your setting for consistency and accuracy.


Voltage/Frequency: 230 V/50 Hz
Motor: 235 W
RPM: 1400 U/min
Grinding time: T-On: 10 sec / T-Off: 80 sec
Stainless Steel Burrs: 54 mm
Hopper Capacity: 250 g
Weight: 5.1 Kg
Width: 115 mm
Depth: 175 mm
Height: 355 mm

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