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Rocket R Cinquantotto Dual boiler Coffee Machine

The latest offering from Rocket Espresso, the Rocket R Cinquantotto (58 in Italian) is the successor to the popular Rocket R58 line of double boiler domestic prosumer espresso machines.

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Rather than integrating the PID into the front of the R Cinquantotto, Rocket opted to create a touchscreen device which can be removed from the side of the machine as desired. The touchscreen device is a lot more than a PID controller, however. With it in place, you can turn off the steam boiler, set on/off times for different days of the week, turn on ECO mode to save power, and switch between the water tank or a direct water line connection. Separate from the PID, a subtle shot timer is located directly above the power switch and will begin counting when the brew lever is engaged.

At its heart, the R Cinquantotto features a 0.58 L brew boiler and 1.8 L steam boiler, which pump out shot after shot and fuel a powerful steam wand. Said steam wand is no-burn, along with its hot water counterpart.

As on their other machines, the E61 present on the R Cinquantotto features Rocket’s innovative dual pre-infusion system, which utilizes a static chamber as well as a mechanical working piston which progressively pre-infuses to ensure a fully saturated, crema-rich extraction. The R Cinquantotto also features a commercial-grade rotary pump, which, on top of being incredibly quiet, offers the option to plumb the machine directly into a water line.


Group head: E61
Boiler: 1.7 L
Pump: Full Commercial Rotary
Power: 1600 W
Voltage: 220-240V; 50-60Hz
Width: 310 mm
Depth: 440 mm
Height: 385 mm
Weight: 29 Kg

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