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Bezzera Mitica TOP PID Coffee Machine

Bezzera Mitica has a great Italian design and has all the important barista features. This will deliver the best coffee, espresso, and cappuccino like the legendary commercial-grade Faema E61 brew group. The solid steel housing has a beautiful, polished finish.  Truly one of the top models from the espresso inventor Bezzera!

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The Bezzera Mitica TOP PID espresso machine contrasts with the Domus Galatea in that it has clean lines and a classical styling as well as a rotary pump.  This Mitica TOP PID model can either run from the in-built tank or be plumbed into the mains water supply.   With a 2-litre boiler, it has enough steam to froth a 1 litre jug in no time at all.

Bezzera Mitica TOP (with PID) Key Benefits

Traditional Italian styling: Premium craftsmanship & quality

Body: AISI 304 commercial grade polished stainless steel

Frothing Ability:1L Jug with 38 second recovery

Water/steam: Fully flexible stainless steam & water arms

Cup Warmer: Space for 8 cappuccino cups

Temperature stability: Dual boiler probe system provides superior safety and greater thermal stability with PID temperature control.

Gauges: Eye level boiler & pump pressure gauge

Boiler Refill: Automatic plus safety cut-out to prevent machine damage.

Additional Functionality: PID, Rotary Pump – Tank/Plumbed Convertible

Bezzera Mitica TOP (with PID) Specifications

Power: 240 V 50-60Hz
Element: 1450
Boiler: 2 L
Group head: Faema E61
Water Supply: 4 L Tank
Tank Water Level Control: In-built auto cut-out and optical indicator
Boiler Construction: Heavy Duty Copper
Head Heating: Thermosyphonic
Handles: Single and double
Accessories: Blind basket, Measuring spoon, Group brush
Weight: 31 Kg
Width: 320 mm
Depth: 450 mm
Height: 400 mm

Bezzera DUO DE Coffee Machine
Bezzera DUO DE Coffee Machine

$4,730.00 Inc. GST

Bezzera Matrix MN Coffee Machine
Bezzera Matrix MN Coffee Machine

$4,450.00 Inc. GST

Bezzera DUO MN Coffee Machine
Bezzera DUO MN Coffee Machine

$4,450.00 Inc. GST

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