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Brugnetti Viola 2020 Coffee Machine Demo


If you could time travel, this is what you’d buy instead of your first pod machine?

Demo Brugnetti Viola 2020

For sale now. Demo unit

Single copper boiler Italian made

Buy it now before it’s too late. On special $2100! Best deal this week!

Contact us now to buy or for more information.

Brugnetti Viola Coffee Machine 2020
Brugnetti Viola Coffee Machine 2020
Brugnetti Viola Coffee Machine 2020
Brugnetti Copper Tank

Why Brugnetti

Brugnetti Logo
It’s the real deal!

Built to last without all the smoke and mirror marketing waffle.

Real Copper

You could never call a Brugnetti a plastic fantastic.

No fancy, expensive electronics

PID control is marketing for “bells and whistles”.

All the stuff you need and none of the marketing hype you don’t! Brugnetti is run by the third generation of the Brugnetti family and has been making coffee machines since 1947. While not so well know here in South Australia, They have been competing in the coffee machine industry in Italy and around the world not just in domestic market, but in the cut and thrust of the commercial market. So when people call and say the ECM is the bench mark, I have to count to 10 before making my remark(s). Sure they make a good machine. But they started 1996, ostensibly in the domestic market!

But why pay more for engineering a) you’re unlikley to use and b) have more problems. Hey don’t take it from us, the facts are indisputable! You can’t have more controls without more faults and more cost!

We like Brugnetti because they have kept an eye on the reliability of the machine. They have learnt what works commercially and imbued that in their scaled down versions of the domestic machines.

What’s a plastic fantastic I hear you say?

Plastic casing, plastic piping, plastic clips, plastic, plastic, plastic. And what’s wrong with plastic you ask. The plastic tubing is much smaller than the copper tubing and it’s locked in via “O” rings. As soon as the “O” rings perish the seal leaks and the steam invades the electronics and it’s of to the repair shop. Copper connections are threaded and tightened by spanner. The average life of a plastic fantastic on a good run is less than half.

Plastic Fantastic

What does the tech have at home?

I’m in the game so to speak! I could have any machine I like, but I’m driven aesthetically. So I have the Brugnetti Gulietta. Which is really the big brother of the Viola 2020. Why? Because it’s not all chrome! It’s built like the proverbial brick sh_t house! Even the side panels are solid 5mm aluminium plate. So bang for buck; I personally don’t think there is a better machine on the market.

Brugnetti Gulietta

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