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Lelit Anita – PL042EMI Coffee Machine

A coffee machine with a built-in coffee grinder that combines warming speed, simplicity, compactness without losing the extraction quality that only freshly ground coffee can provide.

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The Lelit PL042EMI espresso coffee machine is a single boiler espresso machine with built-in grinder designed and manufactured by Lelit coffee machines in Italy.

With the grinder built-in, you have everything you need to make cafe-quality coffee at home in just 32cm of bench space.

With a polished stainless-steel cabinet and a heat-up time of just 10 minutes, this is the ideal entry-level machine for home.


Group head: Lelit 57.9 mm
Type: Single Boiler
Boiler: 250 ml
Water Reservoir: 2.7 L
Pump: Vibrating
Grinder: In-built PL043MM conical burr grinder
Hopper Capacity: 130 g
Power: 1250 W
Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Width: 320 mm
Depth: 270 mm
Height: 370 mm
Weight: 10.2 Kgs

Lelit William PL72 Coffee Grinder
Lelit William PL72 Coffee Grinder

$969.00 Inc. GST

Lelit Anna PL41LEM Coffee Machine
Lelit Anna – PL41LEM Coffee Machine

$1,129.00 Inc. GST

Lelit PL043MMI Coffee Grinder
Lelit Fred PL043MMI Coffee Grinder

$349.00 Inc. GST

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