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Rocket Porta Via – Portable Travel Coffee Machine

The Rocket Porta Via is a portable, fully featured prosumer espresso machine. It boasts an E61 brew group and PID regulated dual-chambered boiler, so you never have to compromise for espresso, no matter where you go.

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Rocket’s most unique espresso machine, the Porta Via, is being touted as the world’s first truly portable espresso machine. The name, Italian for “take away,” describes its unusual ability to be packed up in a rugged carrier, like a musician’s road case, and transported from place to place. The Porta Via doesn’t skimp on quality components, either. Rocket equipped this unique machine with a 1.2 L heat exchange boiler and traditional E61 group, which continuously syphons water from the boiler through the group and back, leading to serious temperature stability while brewing.

The components are the same as you’d expect to find in any prosumer machine, including: an E61 group head, Ulka vibration pump, pressure gauge, as well as a commercial portafilter and wand. Plus, Rocket’s specially designed thermosyphon two-boiler system allows for simultaneous brewing and steaming. For added stability, the boiler temperature is regulated by an internal PID to ensure stability.

The machine is on the heavier side at just under 30 Kg, since Rocket truly wanted to provide a high-quality portable espresso machine, and such a machine requires a bit of heft. The Porta Via is perfect for those that simply can’t sacrifice quality espresso on the go. It’s perfect for a second home or light entertaining at a dinner party. Plus, it’s a serious upgrade to any hotel room, or camp site with a power supply, perhaps more accurately called a “glamp” site. Directly after use, the machine can be packed up and whisked away to the next exciting locale, even if it’s still warm.


Groups: E61
Power: 1350 W
Voltage: 220-240V;50/60 Hz
Boiler: 1.2 L
Water Source: Built-In Reservoir
Pump Type: Vibration
Width: 200 mm
Depth: 405 mm
Height: 535 mm
Weight: 29.7 Kg

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