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Isomac Professionale Coffee Grinder

Featuring effective, yet affordable internals, the Isomac Professionale Grinder is a great entry-level grinder for newcomers to making home espresso. Featuring 38mm steel burrs, a simple push dosing system, and a small footprint, it’s just what you need to get started on your home espresso journey.

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The 38mm stainless steel conical burrs offer to produce uniform, consistent grounds for espresso. These smaller burrs keep costs low while not sacrificing grind performance. The grind setting can be adjusted with the stepped grind collar, which enables you to switch between settings with ease to find the right size for any bean.

On-demand grinding happens with the portafilter button. Simply push your portafilter into it to dispense fresh grounds directly into your portafilter. The small stainless-steel construction will keep this small-footprint grinder from taking up more space than necessary in your kitchen.


38mm Burrs — Stainless steel conical burrs give you a quick, precise grind.

Stepped Grind Adjustments — Quickly and easily switch back and forth between settings to find the right one for any bean.

Push Dosing — Press your portafilter directly into the dosing button for on-demand grinding.

Doserless Grinding — Grinds directly into your portafilter, ensuring no grounds go to waste.

Small Footprint — Space-conscious design ensure this grinder doesn’t take up more space than necessary in your kitchen.

Perfect For Home — Designed to empower home espresso makers without forcing you to spend more than is necessary on an entry-level grinder.


Hopper Capacity: 0.25 Kg
Power: 100 W
Burrs: 38 mm
Width: 290 mm
Depth: 110 mm
Height: 200 mm
Weight: 3 Kg
Materials: Aluminum, Stainless steel

Lelit Fred PL044MMT Coffee Grinder
Lelit Fred PL044MMT Coffee Grinder

$509.00 Inc. GST

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Elektra MSC Coffee Grinder

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Elektra MS Coffee Grinder
Elektra MS Coffee Grinder

$1,340.00 Inc. GST

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