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Orchestrale Nota Black Venetian Glass Coffee Machine

The Orchestrale Nota provides the at home barista with a beautiful machine to produce beautiful espresso.

In the music and singing art, one of the most important qualities is the control on every note. “Nota” embodies the essence of the skill, the study, the technique and of the Italian taste… the essence of shapes and contents with the right technique and the right control.

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The E61 group head produces superior brewing & the rotary pump allows you to either run this machine on its internal water tank or plumb it into your mains water. The high cup group head and cup raisers makes this machine perfect for both espresso drinkers and keep-cup latte drinkers while the manual lever gives the barista full control over the pour.

Nota is a 1 group professional espresso coffee machine with thermosiphonic supply system 3 litre copper boiler, switch for water loading selection (from tank of 2,2 litres with capacitive level detector or from the water system), automatic boiler water loading, motor pump with air cooling, pipes of copper and pipe fittings of brass, protection thermostat for heating element, separate boiler pressure and water pressure gauges, 1 signal lamp for working machine and 1 for water lack in the tank, easy to adjust boiler pressure switch essential for different coffee types and blends..


Group Head: E61
Boiler: 3 L
Water Reservoir: 2.2 L
Power: 1500 W – 2000 W
Voltage: 110-120 V; 230-240 V
Frequency: 50-60
Width: 440 mm
Depth: 370 mm
Height: 450 mm
Weight: 30 kg

Orchestrale Nota Stainless Steel
Orchestrale Nota Stainless Steel Coffee Machine

$3,699.99 Inc. GST

Ditting KR1203 Coffee Grinder
Ditting KR1203 Coffee Grinder

$7,821.00 Inc. GST

Orchestrale Nota All Black Coffee Machine
Orchestrale Nota All Black Coffee Machine

$3,960.00 Inc. GST

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