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ECM Elektronika – Rotary Profi Coffee Machine

With the Elektronika Profi, you can expect ECM’s signature features: dual-pressure gauges, an E61 group, joystick water valve controls, and a sleek housing with rounded edges. The rotary pump works in combination with the Elektronika’s sound-absorbing design to make brewing nearly silent.


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The stainless-steel body in handcrafted perfection stands out due to its linear shape and its discreet but noble design. With a quiet rotary pump, and individually programmable dosing through a control panel this is a perfect piece of professional equipment offering utmost quality and absolute coffee pleasure.

The ECM Elektronika Profi is a heat exchange machine made with the best parts available for results that impress. The Elektronika Profi’s switchable water source and pre-programmed volumetric controls make this espresso machine an interesting compromise between automation and control.

The Elektronika Profi is equipped with a 1400 W stainless steel boiler with a capacity of 2.1 L. As a heat exchanger machine, you can expect to brew and steam without waiting, or even at the same time.

With the flip of a switch, the Elektronika Profi can choose which source of water is being used, between the reservoir and a direct water line connection. The reservoir boasts a capacity of 3 litres.

The E61 grouphead is constantly heated with water from the thermosyphon system for temperature stability. It also features a pre-infusion cylinder to aid in the extraction process.


ECM Elektronika – Rotary Profi Specifications

Group Heads: 1 grp *2 grp option
Model:  E61
Boiler: Rotary Stainless Steel 2.1 L
Water Supply: 3.1 L *Optional mains water
Pressure Gauges: 1 Boiler 1 Pump
Pump: Rotary
Coffee Switch: Volumetric Buttons
Wattage: 1400W – Rotary
Width: 470 mm
Depth: 325 mm
Height: 390 mm
Weight: 28 kg

ECM Synchronika Coffee Machine
ECM Synchronika Coffee Machine

$4,540.90 Inc. GST

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